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Commercial EPC Energy Assessors

Commercial Buildings Energy Assessment Consultants UK (Non-Domestic NDEA)

Commercial EPC - Energy Consultants & Commercial Energy Performance Certificates  Energy Assessors, Energy Performance Certificate providers of Commercial EPC, Energy efficiency, non domestic buildings inspection by the Energy Assessor, using RdSAP & SAP or SBEM, DSM energy assessment procedures will commence from 6 April 2008. If you own or operate a Business then this website is intended to offer advice and a guide to the new guidelines being introduced by the Government during 2008 & 2009. If you require a Business or Company Energy Performance Certificate Quote, Public Building DEC Quote and EPC Quotes we provide a directory of Energy Surveyors & Consultants that can offer help and advice regarding the introduction of the Commercial EPC. Prices and the Cost of an EPC in your area are available through your local independent Consultants and Energy Inspectors, please refer to the directory below for a register of qualified independent assessors that can provide Commercial EPC Quotations for buildings & premises local to your company or business premises.

Deadlines: Air Conditioning Inspection Start Date: January 2009 - All systems Over 12Kw rating, before January 2011. Your Business or Company may be liable to fine or penalty for non-compliance with the new regulations and legislation. Get your system checked before the deadline - there are no exemptions!

How this will Affect You:-
From 2008, Residential Property Landlords & Residential Property Lettings: These are deemed as "Domestic" for residential purposes. You will require an Energy Performance Certificate EPC issued by a DEA Domestic Energy Assessor if you intend to let the property to a new tenant after this date. A fine may be imposed by Trading Standards for non-compliance.
Commercial & Industrial Property Business: You will require an Energy Performance Certificate from a Commercial Energy Assessor if you let, offer for sale, or lease a commercial building after the above date. A fine may be imposed by Trading Standards for non-compliance.

With the exception of Public Buildings requiring DEC, all commercial property's issued with a certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. DEC's require renewal every 12 month's from the time of issue.

Commercial Energy Assessment and inspection of buildings will be assessed by an accredited Commercial Energy Assessor (also referred to as CEA or (NDEA Non-Domestic Energy Assessor). The approved methods to be used are SAP & SBEM and DSM (Dynamic Simulation Model) using proprietary software by the energy rating inspector. Off-plan housing developments will continue to use SAP calculations for new build dwellings. This website provides details for independent surveyors, energy inspectors and assessors who provide quotes, cost and prices for Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and DEC Display Energy Certificates.

After these deadlines any commercial property or non-dwellings (and public use) which is placed on the property market for sale, lease or rent in England and Wales requires an energy inspection by an Energy Assessor and an Energy Performance Certificate (Commercial EPC) obtained.

EPC - Energy certificates rate the energy performance of a building. Obtain a best Commercial EPC Quote from an independent consultancy.

DEC - Display Energy Certificates (DECs) show the actual energy usage of a building, and it's Operational Rating, and provide information to the  public for the energy efficiency of a building. (Applicable to Public Buildings only)

Display Energy Certificate
This type of certificate is issued for public buildings only. The certificate must be displayed in a public place. DEC Validity is 12 months from the date of issue. There are penalties, and fines imposed for failure to display a valid certificate.

Advisory Reports
The Advisory Report will contain recommendations for improving the energy performance of the building. A DEC is valid for 12 months and needs to be updated annually. The Advisory Report is valid for 7 years. There are penalties, and fines imposed for failure to produce a valid advisory report.

Display Energy Certificate (Example Below)
The certificate will also display an:
Asset Rating
Operational Rating

Display Energy Certificate for Public Sector Buildings

Asset Rating - means a numerical indicator of the amount of energy estimated to meet the different needs associated with a standardised use of a building, calculated according to the methodology approved by the Secretary of State. The asset rating will affect your business, this is the key indicator of how energy efficient your business premises is to potential clients.
Operational Rating - means a numeric indicator of the amount of energy consumed during the occupation of the building over a period of 12 months unless:
Where on 4th January 2009: the occupier of a building has been in occupation for less than 15 months or, entered into occupation of the building before 6th April 2008; or entered into occupation on or after that date but did not have an energy performance certificate made available or given to it. In these cases the operational rating specified may be calculated over the period in which the occupier has been in occupation.

SAP & SBEM Assessors

Energy Assessment of Non-Dwellings, offices, manufacturing premises, and industrial buildings will require a Commercial EPC, the survey, inspection of premises, and certificate issued using SBEM calculation tools by a qualified (NDEA) Non-Domestic Energy Assessor.

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for New Build Dwellings - property developments and existing property, where for example an extension has been added to an existing home. Larger complex commercial/industrial buildings will be assessed using computer software using SBEM methodology (Simplified Building Energy Model) or DSM (Dynamic Simulated Model) methods.. All inspections will be carried out by an energy assessor, a competent person as defined under the National Occupational Standards. Where required, existing properties require Energy Ratings, this will also include public buildings. Refer to EPC Timetable.

Green Deal - the scheme is improve insulation and provide financial backing for renewable energy equipment for house holds and businesses. Find out more about the Green Deal.

Inspection and Energy Assessment will be split into the following groups:

Air Conditioning:
Energy Assessors for Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems - From January 2009 existing installations will require inspection by an air conditioning inspector - Ensure your system is energy efficient, and have your system checked on a regular basis, please refer to Air Conditioning Inspectors for a register of specialists, also Air Conditioning Inspection procedures. For the scope of the inspection please refer to Air Conditioning Energy Assessors

Newly Constructed Homes & Dwellings:
Energy Assessors for newly constructed dwellings For newly constructed dwellings, (i.e. New Build Homes) the approved software will make use of the SAP approach. These are also known as On Construction Energy Assessors. See also SAP Assessors. Part L compliance requires that New Homes are subjected to an Air Tightness Test (Air Leakage Test, or Air Pressure Testing) and an Air Permeability Test certificate obtained.

Public Buildings:
Energy Assessors for Public Buildings (Display Energy Certificates) - Assessment procedures will consist of either one or all of the following methods - SBEM & DSM (Dynamic Simulation Model).

Energy Assessors for non-dwellings (Existing Buildings) - Non Dwellings consist of all buildings that are considered to be non-residential homes, i.e. for commercial or industrial use. Assessment procedures will consist of either one or all of the following methods - SBEM & DSM (Dynamic Simulation Model).

EPBD Surveys

From 6th April 2008
An EPC is  required on construction for all new build dwellings. See SAP Assessors
EPCs are also required for the construction, sale or rent of public buildings other than dwellings with a floor area over 1,000 m2. SBEM methods shall be adopted for the energy assessment of the building. Please refer to SBEM Assessors

From 1st October 2008
Display Energy Certificates (DEC) required for all public buildings with floor area >1,000 m2

Rental Property, Private Landlords, & Buy-to-let Property Lettings - All properties will require Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) issued by a Domestic Energy Assessor on, or before this date. Further information for this sector is available at:
Social Housing EPC
Rented Property EPC
Landlords EPC

By January 2011
First inspection of air-conditioning systems is required find out more about assessment and your obligations regarding Air Conditioning energy assessment.

Public buildings and institutions will be required to display a DEC. A Display Energy Certificate shows the energy performance of a building based on actual energy consumption as recorded annually over periods up to the last three years. DECs need to be updated each year. Property and facilities managers affected by this new legislation will need to have annual energy meter readings and are advised to start collecting meter readings now to ensure they have sufficient data ready for first inspection.

Cost of an EPC for Commercial Premises

Commercial EPC costs associated with the issue of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for non-dwellings or Display Energy Certificates (DEC) for public buildings are difficult to quantify due to the nature of the construction, the complexity, and size of the building which is being examined in each individual case. The EPC cost using SBEM calculations is difficult to ascertain due to the inherent properties of buildings which can vary greatly, almost certainly the EPC price for the commercial property market will be significantly higher than the domestic counterpart. Buildings which cannot be assessed using this calculation method will likely use DSM (Dynamic Simulation Model) which may incur even higher costs. SBEM calculation of energy ratings for buildings will cover approx 70% of the commercial property market. The information required to produce SBEM Calculations must be submitted by the asset owner. The associated costs of air conditioning energy assessment, if such a system is installed, must also be taken into account. Surveyors for Commercial EPC's will offer quotes, prices and costs based on the information that can be supplied by the building owner or facilities management, to reduce the costs for the EPC it is essential to provide the assessor as much information as possible, this will help you, the asset owner, obtain competitive quotes for Commercial EPC's and reduce prices. Commercial EPC quotations are largely based on how much information you can provide about the property.

Private Sector

Many buildings will be affected by the introduction of Commercial Energy Performance Certificates in the future, these include but are not limited to:

  • Energy Certificates for Retail Units, New Build Homes & Dwellings, Shops, Industrial Units, Hotels, Offices and small business premises.

  • Energy Certificates for New Build & Existing commercial units - SBEM Commercial Buildings Assessors required.

  • Energy Performance Certificates EPC for Private rented property, social housing & landlords. A domestic energy assessor may be used in most cases, however, if the property is deemed as commercial, an authorised, qualified commercial energy assessor will be required.

From 1 October 2008, if you are renting out your property, you will need to provide a certificate to any prospective tenant. Refer to EPC Timetable

There is no need to obtain a Energy Performance Certificate for an existing tenancy. Once obtained, a certificate remains valid for up to10 years. 

If a valid Energy Performance Certificate still exists when changing tenants no new certificate is required. This applies to both private and social sector landlords and tenants.

The timetable and details for the implementation of EPC's for buildings has changed. (Nov 2007)
Please refer to: Commercial EPC for the revised schedule for implementation.

Commercial EPC Training Courses for Energy Assessors for a career in energy inspection of commercial buildings.

The Government will be introducing new checklists for owners of commercial premises regarding heating systems these checklists will be made available to enable businesses and building owners/occupiers to get information about the energy efficiency of their heating and hot water systems. Refer to Business Energy Saving Measures to reduce overheads and improve your buildings energy rating.

The checklist is designed to be completed by a heating engineer and given to a building owner/occupier during a service or maintenance visit. It gives a basic assessment of the efficiency of the heating and hot water systems and an indication of whether the customer would benefit from a more thorough assessment of their system.

Green Deal

The green deal scheme will be launched in the UK in 2012. Grants will be available for improvements to heating, insulation and renewable energy equipment. Find out more about the Green Deal.

Switching Energy Suppliers

Energy for business is not cheap, many companies are now revaluating the costs for commercial energy, as tariffs continue to rise, gas and electricity prices to the domestic consumer and commercial sector have increased significantly. If your company or business is considering an alternative supplier please refer to Switch Energy Suppliers for help and advice when switching energy providers.

What buildings will be affected by the introduction of DEC's?

Only buildings occupied or part occupied either by a public authority or an institution providing a public service to a large number of persons and who are therefore frequently visited by those persons (referred to as relevant institutions), and with a total useful floor area greater than 1000m2 are affected by this legislation.

Private sector owned buildings do not require a DEC. Although the scheme may be extended to include the commercial sector in the future.

EPC Scotland Energy Performance Certificate

The EU EPBD directive will be implemented in Scotland from January 2009, for further information please refer to Commercial EPC Scotland.

EPC Northern Ireland Energy Performance Certificate

Northern Ireland is now also included in EU EPBD directive if you are a specialist consultant based in Northern Ireland in the following districts: Antrim, Ards, Armagh, Ballymena, Ballymoney, Banbridge, Belfast, Belfast City, Carrickfergus, Castlereagh, Coleraine, Cookstown, Craigavon, Derry, Down, Dungannon, Fermanagh, Larne, Limavady, Lisburn, Magherafelt, Mourne, Moyle, Newry, Newtownabbey, North Down, Omagh, South Tyrone, and Strabane please contact us with your company details.

For further information for building owners and or managers, including new build property developers on what information you must provide to assessors please refer to:

SAP Assessment - for new build "on construction" of dwellings.
SBEM Assessment - for existing commercial buildings & new build units.

Where a building is partly occupied by a public authority or a relevant institution, the authority or institution is responsible for displaying a DEC and having a valid advisory report if they occupy is greater than 1000m2 useful floor area. Other private organisations occupying the building, irrespective of the size they occupy, do not need to display a DEC.

As part of the inspection Air Conditioning Equipment and Boiler Systems must be assessed for energy efficiency. The following is a register of assessors conducting non-domestic energy inspection surveys by region in England & Wales.

Commercial Energy Assessors and Energy Performance Certificate in Commercial EPC Avon & Bristol | Commercial EPC Bedfordshire | Commercial EPC Berkshire | Commercial EPC Birmingham | Commercial EPC Buckinghamshire | Commercial EPC Caernarfonshire | Commercial EPC Cambridgeshire | Commercial EPC Cheshire | Commercial EPC Cleveland | Commercial EPC Clwyd | Commercial EPC Cornwall | Commercial EPC Cumbria | Commercial EPC Denbighshire | Commercial EPC Derbyshire | Commercial EPC Devon | Commercial EPC Dorset | Commercial EPC Durham | Commercial EPC East Midlands | Commercial EPC East Riding of Yorkshire | Commercial EPC East Sussex | Commercial EPC Essex | Commercial EPC Flintshire | Commercial EPC Glamorgan | Commercial EPC Gloucestershire | Commercial EPC Gwent | Commercial EPC Hampshire | Commercial EPC Herefordshire | Commercial EPC Hertfordshire | Commercial EPC Humberside | Commercial EPC Kent | Commercial EPC Lancashire | Commercial EPC Leicestershire | Commercial EPC Lincolnshire | Commercial EPC Liverpool | Commercial EPC London Central | Commercial EPC London | Commercial EPC Manchester | Commercial EPC Merseyside | Commercial EPC Middlesex | Commercial EPC Montgomeryshire | Commercial EPC National | Commercial EPC Newcastle | Commercial EPC Norfolk | Commercial EPC Northamptonshire | Commercial EPC Northumberland | Commercial EPC North Wales | Commercial EPC North Yorkshire | Commercial EPC Nottinghamshire | Commercial EPC Oxfordshire | Commercial EPC Scotland | Commercial EPC Shropshire | Commercial EPC Somerset | Commercial EPC South Wales | Commercial EPC South Yorkshire | Commercial EPC Staffordshire | Commercial EPC Suffolk | Commercial EPC Surrey | Commercial EPC Sussex | Commercial EPC Wales | Commercial EPC Warwickshire | Commercial EPC West Midlands | Commercial EPC Wiltshire | Commercial EPC Worcestershire | Commercial EPC Wrexham | Commercial EPC West Sussex | Commercial EPC West Yorkshire | Commercial EPC Yorkshire

Commercial Energy Assessor Directory of SAP & SBEM Consultants & SBEM Calculations - Commercial Property Energy Performance Certificates EPC providers, and energy assessment of buildings will be required for all other properties in the future including energy certificates for Social Housing inspection and Rented Property sectors. A Commercial Energy Assessor Forum is available online, with discussion board with matters relating to energy certificates for commercial/industrial buildings.

Commercial Buildings EPC Energy Training - A guide for available courses and assessment centres for Energy ratings and calculations for non-residential dwellings.

Commercial Energy Assessor Panel - Commercial EPC Panel - Commercial Energy Performance Certificate Panel - Non Domestic Energy Assessor Panel - If you are an Accredited Energy Assessor NDEA for Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5 for Non-Domestic Energy Assessors for Commercial Buildings we would like to hear from you, we regularly receive enquiries for work and jobs local to your area. If you are looking for a job in commercial energy assessment and are qualified with RICS, Elmhurst, BRE, NHER, ECMK, CIBSE, Northgate, Stroma, Knauf, CIAT, Quidos, BESCA please contact our Commercial Energy Assessors Panel

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate DEC Provider, SAP Ratings Assessor, or SBEM Consultants?  Surveyors - Please refer to contact page and send your details to us for inclusion in the directory for your business or company.

Renewable Energy solutions for public sector, business and commercial premises are now widely available in the UK. The use of renewable technology can improve the rating on your certificate. Asset owners may consider the benefits of using renewable products to reduce carbon footprint and benefit from lower carbon emissions (CO2) by using low carbon or zero carbon technology. Recommendation reports often state that a form of renewable power would improve your asset rating.

Find an energy certification report and energy assessor nearest to for a:

Aldershot Amersham Ascot Ashbourne Ashford Bakewell Banbury Barnsley Barnstaple Barrow-in-Furness Basildon Basingstoke Bath Bedford Berwick Birmingham Bicester Bishops Stortford Blackburn Blackpool Bolton Boston Bournemouth Buckingham Burnley Bury Burton upon Trent Buxton Bracknell Bradford Brighton Bristol Bromsgrove Camberley Cambridge Cannock Canterbury Cardiff Carlisle Castleton Cheadle Chester Chesterfield Chelmsford Cirencester Colchester Congleton Corby Coventry Crawley Crewe Darlington Derby Doncaster Dorchester Dorking Dover Droitwich Dudley Durham Eastbourne Ellesmere Port Epsom Evesham Exeter Folkestone Gateshead Gloucester Glossop Gosforth Great Yarmouth Grimsby Guildford Surrey Halifax Harrogate Hartlepool Hastings Hatfield Hemel Hempstead Hereford Hertford Hexham High Wycombe Huddersfield Hull Ilkeston Ipswich Kendal Kidderminster Kings Lynn Lancaster Leatherhead Ledbury Leeds Leicester Leominster Lincoln Lichfield Liverpool London Greater London Luton Macclesfield Maidenhead Maidstone Manchester Greater Manchester Mansfield Middlesbrough Middlesex Milton Keynes Morpeth Nantwich Newcastle Newark Newmarket Newport Newquay Northampton North Shields Norwich Nottingham Nuneaton Oldham Oxford Oxted Penrith Peterborough Plymouth Preston Poole Portsmouth Reading Redditch Redhill Reigate Retford Ripley Ripon Rochdale Rotherham Rugby Runcorn Salford Salisbury Scarborough Scunthorpe Sheffield Shrewsbury Skegness Slough Solihull Southampton Southend South Shields Sunderland Stafford Staines Stockport Stocksfield Stoke on Trent Stroud Swansea Swindon Tamworth Taunton Telford Tewkesbury Towcester Trafford Park Trowbridge Truro Walsall Wakefield Walsall Warrington Warwick Washington Watford Wellingborough Welwyn Garden City West Bromwich Weymouth Whitby Widnes Wigan Winchester Windermere Windsor Wolverhampton Woking Wokingham Worcester Worksop Worthing Workington Wrexham York


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